HOW to improve QoS or [MOS] in asterisk

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Re: HOW to improve QoS or [MOS] in asterisk

Posted:Sat 23 of Feb, 2013 (10:44 UTC)
first of all use G711 codec and continuously monitor the system load average...if loadaverage will be higher QoS will go down.
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HOW to improve QoS or [MOS] in asterisk

Posted:Mon 24 of Dec, 2012 (08:23 UTC)
please help me
my environment ;

Linux Ubuntu 10.04 ; wireless access point ;; 4 terminal Csipsimple software running in android phone ;; asterisk 10

and i use voipmonitor to monitor my small network

i notice that the value of MOS is not good approximately 2.3 == 3.1 sometimes 4.2


please tell me in general how can I improve QoS or MOS i would like to tell you if we increase number of users mos get down !! please guide me !!!