A2Billing SIP Dialer

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A2Billing SIP Dialer

Posted:Fri 28 of Dec, 2012 (07:23 UTC)
A2Billing SIP Dialer is a complementary application for A2Billing platform, built and designed on Android OS for android enabled mobiles.
Purpose: Provides SIP Dialer, Callback service,other A2Billing customer portal features to android mobile users.
Target: VOIP Service Providers may take a good benefit of the whole scenario of A2Billing SIP Dialer.

  • SIP Softphone
  • Call History from A2Billing Server.
  • Voucher Refill with A2Billing.
  • Voucher Refill History.
  • Balance display (with Currency) on Main Screen.
  • Rate-Search Feature
  • Configurable Login to enable user to configure IP for login and callback service.
  • Dialer tab for making calls (2-Leg Callback Service).
  • Contact Picker tab for selecting contacts from Phonebook.

Free Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...llingsipdialer

Note:- For sales inquiry please contact sales@mobisnow.com