7962 Unable to sync Date and Time

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7962 Unable to sync Date and Time

Posted:Wed 02 of Jan, 2013 (02:34 UTC)
Hi Guys,

I have a problem on our deployment. Here's the scenario:

We have deployed VOIP using SIP with 7962, 7942 and 6921 phones. We using 2N Netstar to act as our Call Manager. For addressing, we use DHCP which also gives the TFTP server address. Every configuration text file and things needed on the default loads file are on the TFTP server on a CentOS VM. Aside from the issues on NTP and Corporate Directory on 6921 phones, everything is working fine.

Our client has set up a CentOS and Windows VM to be the NTP server. But the phones are unable to sync the date and time with it. The 6921 does not display any date and time, while the 79xx series phones consistently displays "5/16/2012 5:30" every reboot. I don't know where the 79xx phones get this.

As a work around, I tried pointing the Netstar as the phone's NTP server. I changed the NTP settings on the xml file as shown below.







<timeZone>Taipei Standard Time</timeZone>




<ntpMode>Directed Broadcast</ntpMode>








<member priority="0">













Although the Netstar does not have a dedicated NTP server function, the 6921 phones are able to sync its date and time with the Netstar. However the 79xx phones are unable to sync.

I am using firmware 9-2-2-7 for the 6921 phones and 9-3-1 for the 79xx phones.

The default load file of the 79xx phones contain these files:






Any help regarding the matter is greatly appreciated.