A2Billing SIP Dialer@ 199 USD only*

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A2Billing SIP Dialer@ 199 USD only*

Posted:Wed 09 of Jan, 2013 (07:43 UTC)
A2Billing SIP Dialer as low as 199 USD only*

A2Billing SIP Dialer is a complementary android application to A2Billing platform with inbuilt SIP dialer, built and designed on Android OS for android enabled mobiles. Having Features :


  • Mobile SIP Dialer
  • G729 Codec Support
  • Balance Display with currency on main screen
  • Contact Picker tab for selecting contacts from Phonebook.
  • Multiple codec support
  • Call History
  • SIP to SIP call Support
  • DTMF Support
  • Touch Tone Support
  • Hard coded server IP
  • Application Name to your company/brand name
  • Your logo on application
  • Free integration support
  • Web CallBack Dialer
  • Voucher Refill
  • Voucher Refill History

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
To Use G729, users need to purchase third party license.

You can try the dialer by downloading from android market place search a2billing or mobisnow in google play.

Free Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisnow.a2billingsipdialer

Note:- For sales inquiry please contact sales@mobisnow.com