Call Forwarding with Call Termination

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Call Forwarding with Call Termination

Posted:Tue 15 of Jan, 2013 (22:43 UTC)
I setup a Google Voice + IPKall + SipSorcery setup for my buddy just like I have.

And he and our other friend seemed a little suprised that it was totally free, obviously though it's all hacked together into a "normal" phone.

But I was trying to tell them how IPKall & Google Voice make money with termination fees.

But I could not remember nor find any info on Google, when an incoming call comes in to your GV then to IPKall, does GV end the call and IPKall takes over basically getting the entire call termination fee or is GV still involved the entire time, basically both getting paid?

I figured on an outgoing call being Google calls IPKall, IPKall is probably getting most of the fees out it.