Hot offer for wholesale Direct Stable Routes****

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Hot offer for wholesale Direct Stable Routes****

Posted:Wed 06 of Mar, 2013 (11:09 UTC)

This is Srilakshmi from SPRINTVOICE responsible for sales, We are one of the best Wholesale provider in the market.Exclusive offer for india

India Private Mobile cli : 0.0093$
India all non cli : 0.0065$
India land line cli : 0.0117$
India Bsnl Mobile cli : 0.0105$

We are always looking for partners to join with us for new challenges and growth.Please send us your Target rate sheet with core destination & A-Z .Early response would be appreciated

You can add in the Skype:vsrilakshmi@sprintvoice.us

Testing Provided, Billing 1/1

Thanks & Regards,

Sales Executive
Email: vsrilakshmi@sprintvoice.us
Skype: vsrilakshmi@sprintvoice.us
Phone: 9140-40020447
Mobile: +919391606999
Address: H.No:22-642/643,
2nd Floor, R.P.Road,
Hyderabad (Dist),
A.P.(State), India.
Website: www.sprintvoice.com