Junctionz Offering India

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Posted:Tue 07 of May, 2013 (06:49 UTC)
This is cheapest way for the long distance calling. I have used and it is quite satisfactory service they are providing. Do you have any special package for middle east.
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Start Calling Card Business.Pecbilling call back,call shop, call forwarding, mobile topup Solutions Providers.worldwide to setup a Calling Card / PIN less business using our software solutions. PEC's Calling Card Solution is custom designed, user - friendly with precise specifications for every individual business.
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Mobile Top Up-pecbilling

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Top Up is not just restricted to international phones, but airtime minute transfers can be made within the US as well. Relatives and friends can gift minutes to any mobile number within the United States of America.
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Junctionz Offering India

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Junctionz Offering India

Payment Terms: Prepay.
We accept payments in Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE and Pakistan.
Also available: Western Union account, Express money and Pay pal.

For FREE testing and more info please contact:
Skype: ayesha.khalid968