VOIP / Application needed for receiving PSTN data

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VOIP / Application needed for receiving PSTN data

Posted:Thu 28 of Mar, 2013 (14:52 UTC)
We have a requirement to receive incoming calls from a number of devices on our platform.

we currently have 2 PSTN receivers (Surgard System III) that have devices phoning in receiving alarm industry protocol tones (SIA, Contact III etc). I have been asked to look into a way to remove the need for the current analog PSTN lines and replace them with a VOIP solution that would also include a software application that could interpret the PSTN data generated and pass that info over to already established databases for actioning.

The challenge I have is that I will still need to receive PSTN data but receive it clearly enough over VOIP so that the software application can interpret the signals correctly. Unfortunately replacing the already existing PSTN devices in circulation is not an option and will need to provide support for these devices for the forseeable future.

Basically my question/challenge is twofold:

1) a VOIP solution to remove the need for PSTN lines
2) A software application that can interpret the tones and pass info onto other systems

Is this something that has already been developed by any chance? If not, would it be quite hard to program an app to interrogate the SIP data packet and then pass the info to our internal systems ?