Cisco 7940 Directory problem

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Re: Cisco 7940 Directory problem

Posted:Wed 15 of May, 2013 (14:27 UTC)
Hehe, moved the file to a different machine and it now loads. Still get the 'Unable to locate HTTP server' error message at boot. No idea what is throwing that up.

Horrible phone though
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Cisco 7940 Directory problem

Posted:Fri 29 of Mar, 2013 (14:56 UTC)
I've just got this phone and managed to get it set up to talk to my SIP provider.

I have managed to use (with the xx changed to correctly formatted address prefix):
logo_url: "xxx/Logo1.bmp"
to load a bitmap, but when I use:
directory_url: "xxx/Directory.xml"
I just get a Unable to locate HTTP server - which obviously is not the literal truth.

The Directory.xml just contains:
<Title>Autsys Coporate Directory</Title>
<Prompt>Select the User</Prompt>
<Name>xx Mobile</Name>
<Telephone>07xxx xxxxxx</Telephone>

I've added the Mime type text/xml for the extension xml as I have found suggested else where.

I'm using firmware application load ID: P0S3-8-12-00.

Anyone out there see where I've been stupid?