Programming Linksys PAP2T for POTS-Ethernet-POTS

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Programming Linksys PAP2T for POTS-Ethernet-POTS

Posted:Mon 08 of Apr, 2013 (22:12 UTC)

I'm new to the forum and to VOIP in general, though I have some programming and a lot of web and app experience.

I have a client with DSL and POTS service in a semi-rural location. There are several buildings in the property, and they want to use their conventional POTS phone service without using up their limited DSL bandwidth, so a VOIP service is not what they want. The property is wired with CAT5e and I have established a good working Ethernet and wi-fi network among and inside the buildings using a router, switches and wi-fi access points.

I read suggested on another post that you could use a Linksys PAP2T at the incoming phone line end, program it for an internal VOIP network, with another or possibly multiple PAP2T's where you would place extension phones. IOW, we are basically just wanting POTS over Ethernet. We don't want to go with asterisk or any larger, more complex technologies if we can help it. But I have not been able to locate any guide to programming the PAP2T's for this purpose. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!