VoIP users to grow by 2017

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VoIP users to grow by 2017

Posted:Fri 12 of Apr, 2013 (14:02 UTC)
The past decade has seen a significant growth in VoIP technology which still continues to develop involving more and more customers worldwide daily. More reliable, high-quality and feature-rich means of VoIP communication have put forward the need as well as challenge for telecommunication companies to bring about substantial improvement to this technology by considering new ways of voice, audio-visual data transmission.

A company called Juniper Research, which is engaged in analytical studies, has recently estimated the possible number of mobile VoIP telephony users by the year 2017.

According to their predictions, networks will keep developing actively, competition among network operators will increase for getting the chance to set up partnership with internet-providers. Analysts assume that as a result such a rapid advancement of this technology will turn over one billion people into real VoIP telephony consumers within a four-year period. Moreover, by 2017 every seventh owner of a modern smartphone will be linked to IP-telephony.

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