SIP packet capture

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Re: SIP packet capture

Posted:Thu 06 of Feb, 2014 (18:25 UTC)
What specific version of operating system are you running Asterisk on? Are you trying to intercept packets and do something with them before they are passed on to Asterisk (e.g. apply some logic), or are you just trying to record the packets as they are being transmitted to/from Asterisk?

A lot of better hardware firewalls have powerful packet capture (record) functionality.

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SIP packet capture

Posted:Sun 09 of Jun, 2013 (11:54 UTC)

I have installed Asterisk and I need to capture or somehow hold the packet before Asterisk starts processing it.

I have to do something similar to IP table I think, but I dont really know how to hold the packet in my hands instead of Asterisk.

Is there any solution?