Auto config contact in sip client

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Re: Auto config contact in sip client

Posted:Sat 22 of Jun, 2013 (03:20 UTC)
Its easy below an exemple to make short IVR
 exten => s,1,answer
exten => s,n(debut), backgound(entrervotrechoix) ; fichier au forma GSM doit se trouver dans /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/fr

exetn =>s,n,n,WaitExten(5) ; on attend 5 secondes pour que le user tape une touche ( fait un choix )

exten => t,1,playback(timeout)
exten => t,n,goto(s,debut) ; --- en cas de time out

exten => 1,1,goto(service1,1) ; si la personne tape 1

exten => 2,1,goto(service2,1) ; si la personne tape 2

exten => 3,1,goto(service3,1) ; si la personne tape 3


exten => 1,1,playback(welcomservice1)



exten => 1,1,playback(welcomservice2) 

here links for more information ( download the files )
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Auto config contact in sip client

Posted:Wed 19 of Jun, 2013 (22:34 UTC)
Hi, I'm new using asterisk, it has been only 3 weeks. I have asterisk version 11.3.0 install on Ubuntu.
I would like to know if it possible to load my contacts in sip client after a user authentication so if he needs to make a call he wouldn't have to remember the extension and if I have to set up new extension it would be easier to set up the phone book.
thanks for any help.