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Posted:Wed 26 of Mar, 2014 (10:34 UTC)
Agile CRM is a cloud based SaaS CRM compatible in all mobile devices and allows you complete access where ever you are. Agile CRM now offers VoIP (SIP) Telephony Integration, allowing you to make, receive, and analyze calls without ever leaving your Agile dashboard. Our SIP Telephony integration is now in beta, so this is a perfect time to try it out by adding the Telephony widget to your Agile CRM account. It’s totally free, even for free accounts!

Agile integrates with your favorite soft and hard switches - Asterisk, FreePBX, Cisco, FreeSWITCH, Avaya. The VoIP integration is supported by all the major browsers. Check the following links to know more about VoIP - Agile CRM integration,
  1. VoIP - Agile CRM Telephony Integration
  2. VoIP now in Agile CRM (Blog)

About Agile CRM:
Agile CRM comes with fully integrated marketing and salesforce automation, social suite & online web analytics, allowing small businesses to sell and market like pros. With many features like Realtime-Alerts, Email Tracking, Web Engagement Pop-ups, Plugins & extensive fron-end & back-end API Agile gives more power to your business to sell more, grow fast and improve customer satisfaction.

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Best Mobile CRM.

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To bring your business into mobile device, MySalesDialer is best application available in market. This app is complete solution of mobile crm.
Core Features:
Mobile CRM, Mobile Auto Dialer, Cloud based Workforce Geo-Tracking and Management System, Skype calling.
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