Complete and Latest Reseller Panel Available

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Complete and Latest Reseller Panel Available

Posted:Sat 17 of Aug, 2013 (07:53 UTC)
Specializes in EMEA Region
We can provide good rates and Good Stats for your retail business!
Stable, Premium, Best Selling rates: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cuba, Gambia, Cameroon and UK!

Utmost reliable dialers:
For Mobile: IPhones, Nokia, Android,
PC to Phone,
Device to Phone

Payment Options:
UAE, KSA, HK and India

Looking forward to work with you,
Michael J.
Carrier Relations Officer
VoIP Tycoon JLT, Dubai UAE
Phone number: +97144207967 ext 110
Skype: mikej_voiptycoon
VoIP termination, VoIP Reseller, VoIP Carrier Direct wholesale and Retail,
Corporate and calling card services, Switches and Dialers