Destinations with best minutes

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Destinations with best minutes

Posted:Fri 23 of Aug, 2013 (07:17 UTC)
Our brand iMobilecall ( in Kuwait market have been successfully launched. IMC is level 1 Retail program to all Kuwait partners with Some special offers and we have top destinations with high quality where you won’t get any kind of issues, and for any kind of assistance 24/7 Support available. IMC will be very use and friendly, and wedeal directly in the market, bulk purchase maydecrease the exchange rate and also this contains 0% hidden charges. Exchange rate will be discussed later.

Destination with best minutes: Yemen All 500, Syria All 480, Ghana All 400, Iran All 1110, Iraq All 500, Ethiopia All 400, Sri Lanka All 860.

To have a glance at our Panel please check the below details:

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Pword: |VOICE123

Radeesh Nair
+91 9866808877