Routes Wanted: Afghan, Pak, Ghana & Others..

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Routes Wanted: Afghan, Pak, Ghana & Others..

Posted:Thu 05 of Sep, 2013 (10:26 UTC)
Dear Valued Providers,

Everest International Trading Co, Inc is a fast developing prominent VoIP service provider as well as System Solution Expert located in USA. Ever since our inception, we have encountered a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with our successful complete VOIP Business Solutions.

We URGENTLY require Wholesale NON-CLI routes for our Initial Live Daily Traffic:

Algeria Mobile Orascom & Wataniya >> 80-100k
Albania mobile all >> 50k
Australia Mobile all >> 40k
Azerbaijan Mobile >> 30k
Afghanistan all >> 50-60k
Bahrain Mobile all >> 20-30k
Bangladesh mobile all >> 200k+
Brazil mobile all >> 50k
Belarus all codes >> 40-50k
Cambodia all >> 170k
Cameroon Mobile >> 10-20k
Cuba all >> 40-50k
Ecuador Mobile All >> 70k+
El Salvador mobile all >> 50k
Ethiopia Mobile all >> 20-30k
Gabon all >> 60-70k
Gambia All >> 50-60k
Ghana all >> 80-100k
Guatemala comcel >> 100k
Haiti all >> 80k+
Honduras all >> 40-50k
India all >> 200k
Indonesia mobile all >> 500k
Iran Mobile all >> 40-50k
Iran Tehran >> 50k
Ivory Coast mobile orange >> 20-30k
Italy mobile All >> 10-20k
Japan Mobile >> 50k
Jordan Mobile Fastlink >> 20-30k
Jamaica Mobile all >> 60-65k
Libya mobile all >> 40-50k
Lebanon Mobile all >> 10-20k
Morocco mobile- >> 150-200k
Moldova Voxtell>>100k
Myanmar all - >> 40k
Nigeria Mobile MTN >> 20-30k
Nepal all >> 20-30k
Oman mobile >> 20-30k
Pakistan Mobile all >> 100k
Philippine mob smart >> 70-100k
Philippine globe >> 30-40k
Philippine sun >> 30-40k
Qatar Mobile all >> 20-30k
Sudan all >> 20-30k
Saudi cell >> 90k
Somalia all >> 30-40k
Syria mobile >> 10-20k
Senegal Orange Mobile >> 65k
Tanzania all mob >> 40-50k
Taiwan Mobile all >> 10-20k
Thailand mobile all >> 500k
UK proper all >> 500k
UAE All >> 60-70k
Vietnam all codes >> 50-60k
Yemen all >> 100k
Zimbabwe Econet Mobile >> 40-50k

Minimum Requirements for above:
ASR: 35% , ACD: 4 min (Should be Active Status), PDD: 2-4.

Thanks & Regards,

Mark Wolfendale
Everest International Trading Co., Inc.

Skype: mark.everestintl
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