Resellers: Earn Money Selling VoIP Phone Services!

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Resellers: Earn Money Selling VoIP Phone Services!

Posted:Tue 10 of Sep, 2013 (08:20 UTC)
VoIP Tycoon JLT is looking for VoIP Resellers in markets all around the world. We provide the Dialers and Rates your customers want, and the tools for you to control all aspects of your business.

The Reseller Panel allows you to open and manage accounts, and enable customers to begin using VoIP Tycoon VoIP products. In addition, the Reseller Panel gives you the ability to set the rates appropriate for your market, giving you control of your profits. This control means you can quickly respond to your changing market by instantly updating rates and routing preferences.

We Specializes in EMEA Region
We can provide good rates and Good Stats for your retail business!
Stable, Premium, Best Selling rates:
India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi, Oman, Nepal, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam.
We have A-Z quality routes.

Utmost reliable dialers:
For Mobile: IPhones, Nokia, Android,
PC to Phone,
Device to Phone

Payment Options:
UAE, KSA, HK and India

Looking forward to work with you,
Michael J.
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VoIP Tycoon JLT, Dubai UAE
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