Can this be done by user?

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Re: Can this be done by user?

Posted:Tue 21 of Jun, 2005 (13:23 UTC)
Yes. Just look at the examples for call back. Use DBput(LastCaller(${EXTEN}={$CALLERIDNUM}) instead of number=.

You have to get your user extensions and callerids right for that, of course. If you add it to a macro you should use ${ARG1} (or the correct argument) instead of ${EXTEN}.


Can this be done by user?

Posted:Wed 26 of Jan, 2005 (20:42 UTC)
Works great!

Can this be done by the user extension instead of system wide? For example, if you have 10 people on the PBX and you use this function, it will redial the last incoming into the system, not to your extension.