Cheap International Direct Dialing

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Cheap International Direct Dialing

Posted:Wed 16 of Oct, 2013 (11:22 UTC)
The massive growth of cell phones has prompted the development of mobile communication which has proved itself to be one of the most effective ways to communicate internationally. As an essential tool for everyday life, mobile phones have become a cornerstone for keeping people connected regardless of time and location, anytime and anywhere.

Ways to call internationally from a mobile phone abound. And in the abundance of these calling options direct dialing comes as one of the cheapest methods of making international calls.

Callimax offers international direct dialing service which enables customers throughout some US states to connect over 700 destinations all over the world. International direct dialing offers a great flexibility to reach the desired destination number instantly. By dialing the personal direct dialing access number assigned for each added contact the system establishes a connection with the called party in just a few seconds. Moreover, Android users may avail even of more convenience by simply installing our app designed for Android devices and finding the preferable contact directly from phone’s address book, without the need to dial any number additionally.

Along with great flexibility and ease of use, direct dialing also allows to make international calls that are low cost and can save not only time but also a lot of money. International direct dialing tends to make mobile communication far cheaper and as such it may become the best alternative for international calling to traditional landline telephone services.

Callimax provides the most affordable international calling rates for direct dialing. Calling internationally from your cell phone may now become cheaper and easier using our outstanding service. Sign up now, get 10 minutes of free talk time and save big on your calls with our international direct dialing service.