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Posted:Wed 23 of Oct, 2013 (15:14 UTC)
Hi All,

I hope some one here can help me out. A few years back I purchased via eBay a Siemens optiPoint 420 Advance Model: S30817-S7207 A107-22 L30250-F600-A189 and the reason I purchased it was that the seller said in his ad that it was a SIP Phone. But regrettably, once I powered up the phone I relized that it was not SIP based in its current configuration. I was not to surprised by the fact that the description by the seller was not accurate. I did research and found out that there is a SIP based firmware for my model of the optiPoint 420 Advance After finding out that there is a SIP based firmware I decided to search the web for the firmware and unfortunately I came up empty . My search did bring me to the Siemens website which talked about the SIP firmware and gave a link to the firmware (which was dead). I even went as far as contacting Costumer Service at Siemens and after a number of E-Mails that too became a dead end. So, because of not having the SIP firmware I have not been able to use this advanced phone. BTW, The phone (as I received it) in brand new shape (like it was never used).

So, if anyone here either has the SIP firmware or knows were I can get the Firmware your help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Daniel R.