AMI Transfer?

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AMI Transfer?

Posted:Sat 26 of Oct, 2013 (23:44 UTC)
I have a CRM that maintains an agents extension by their login. Each extension is also it's sip channel name (ie. SIP/251 for extension 251).

What I need is to be able to have the user click a button in the CRM and have the current call on that extension be transferred to another extension. The application is written in C#, and I'm not sure the best approach for making this work. I'm pretty sure I'll need the full channel name SIP/251-XXX to do this, but I'm not sure how to get that. I know that FOP2 does it, and I know you can only transfer from the extension associated with the login you are using. I figure I have to be able to make it work if they can.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!