Need to ignore multiple m= in asterisk

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Need to ignore multiple m= in asterisk

Posted:Tue 29 of Oct, 2013 (01:04 UTC)
Hi Folks,

I have a Cisco 7961G phone running SIP 9.3.1 image. The problem I am running into is that for some reason when the phone sends 200 OK, it is sending mulltiple m= in the SDP, with the second m= does not have an IP address see below. So I need help in either ignoring the multiple m in the SDP in asterisk, or somehow not have Cisco send multiple m= in the SDP

SIP/2.0 200 OK
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK5fe0a3e9;rport
From: <sip:114@>;tag=as1ddfa911
To: <sip:103@;transport=udp>;tag=001759e96ce045fe7e739029-4cf9f199
Call-ID: 00baf1ad650361113e276d0257859a71@
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 20:03:27 GMT
CSeq: 102 INVITE
Server: Cisco-CP7961G/9.3.1
Contact: <sip:103@;transport=udp>
Remote-Party-ID: <sip:103@>;party=called;id-type=subscriber;privacy=off;screen=yes
Supported: replaces,join,sdp-anat,norefersub,resource-priority,extended-refer,X-cisco-callinfo,X-cisco-serviceuri,X-cisco-escapecodes,X-cisco-service-control,X-cisco-srtp-fallback,X-cisco-monrec,X-cisco-config,X-cisco-sis-6.0.0,X-cisco-xsi-8.5.1
Allow-Events: kpml,dialog
Content-Length: 251
Content-Type: application/sdp
Content-Disposition: session;handling=optional

o=Cisco-SIPUA 21707 0 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
t=0 0
m=audio 32636 RTP/AVP 0 101
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15
m=video 0 RTP/AVP 34
c=IN IP4