Newbie - Need help on a small dialplan

Joined: Mon 02 of Dec, 2013

Newbie - Need help on a small dialplan

Posted:Mon 02 of Dec, 2013 (10:56 UTC)

I need help on a small dialplan. Asterisk 1.8 will receive calls on IAX2 trunk and will forward all of the received traffic to SIP GSM gateway.

I am not Asterisk guy but so far I was able to create an IAX2 trunk and send over calls on that. Server A needs to send calls to Server B on IAX2. Server B will forward all calls to SIP GSM Gateway without any prefix manipulation. Prefix manipulation will be handled by Server A and GSM Gateway.

Server B will receive a maximum of 32 calls at a given time.

What configuration I need to do on Server B?

IAX2 tunnel is up and Server B receive calls but because of no correct dialplan, it doesn't process the call. Let me know if more information is required on the setup.