Possibly talking to the wrong people

Comment on Asterisk Sipura-3000 Assistant

Possibly talking to the wrong people

Posted:Sun 30 of Jan, 2005 (21:21 UTC)
Sales people generally know nothing about how technology is produced or even less about how it is adopted and spreads. Most goodt echnology doesn't even require sales people :-) By cooperating with open source developpers to the tune of few 1000$ worth of hardware Sipura will likely sell 10 times that in volume without hiring a single sales person!! I wonder if Sipura would like to have hardware numbers to go along with a market share typical of opensource software like Apache?!!

What they are doing is like a ski manufacturer telling professional skiers they can't afford to provide them with a pair of skis and that shouldn't use or be seen usiing a given model of ski because it would make it too popular .... that would be a really dumb thing for a ski sales person to do - which is why professional skiers don't talk to sales departments.

Find the gith person to talk to at Sipura.