Urgently need direct routes to Sudan,Serbia,Afghan,Albania,Bosnia,Cambodia,UAE and other middle east and LatAm...

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Urgently need direct routes to Sudan,Serbia,Afghan,Albania,Bosnia,Cambodia,UAE and other middle east and LatAm...

Posted:Tue 10 of Dec, 2013 (11:20 UTC)
Please accept our greetings from Everest International Trading Co, Inc. We are looking for stable Non Cli and Cli routes for our A-Z live traffic. Below are our hot target destinations, so if you are a provider you can contact me with your Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements.


Destination Prefix Sample ASR ACD Level Volume / Day
Algeria Mobile Orascom 21396 20% 2mins Standard 5K
Azerbaijan Mobile Azercell 994 35% 2.5-3mins Standard 15K
Bahamas Mobile 1242357 40% 3mins Standard 25K
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fixed Mostar 3873049 40% 3mins Standard 50K
Cambodia All 855 50% 6mins CLI 100K
Chad Mobile Celtel 2356 20% 1.5mins Standard 5K
Congo Brazzaville Mobile Celtel/MTN/Warid 242 25% 2mins Standard 10K
Cuba All 53 30% 4mins Premium 30K
Dr Of Congo Mobile Celtel 24397 30% 2mins Standard 1K
Dr Of Congo Mobile Vodacom 24381 30% 2mins Standard 3K
Eritrea Mobile 2917 25% 2mins Standard 5K
Ethiopia Mobile All 251911 30% 5mins CLI 7K
Gambia Mobile All 2206 25% 3mins Standard 80K
Honduras Mobile Celtel 50498 70% 5mins Standard 10K
India All 91 30% 4mins Standard 300K
Iran Fixed Tehran 9821 40% 5mins Standard 30-40K
Iran Mobile 989 20-25% 3mins Standard 20-30K
Iraq Mobile Asia Cell 96477 30% 2.5mins Standard 30K
Iraq Mobile Korek 96475 30% 1.5-2mins Standard 15K
Jamaica Fixed 1876 50% 8mins Standard 22K
Kuwait Mobile Zain 9659 30% 3mins Standard 10K
Malaysia Mobile All 601 30% 3mins Standard 15K
Mali Mobile Orange 2237 40% 1.5-2mins Standard 2K
Mali Mobile Orange 2237 40% 3mins CLI 2K
Moldova Fixed 373 30% 4mins Standard 25K
Nepal Mobile Spice 977981 20% 2mins Standard 60K
Nepal Mobile Spice 977981 40% 3-4mins CLI 40K
Nicaragua Mobile Claro 505833 40% 2mins Standard 4K
Nicaragua Mobile Telefonica 505832 40% 2mins Standard 10K
Panama Mobile C-W

Destination* Type
Angola Mobile Unitel NCLI
Bosnia Mobile SPRSKE NCLI
Bulgaria Mobile BTC CLI
Gambia Mobiles NCLI
Indonesia Mobile Indosat NCLI
Iraq Mobile All NCLI
Libya Mobile NCLI
Macedonia Mobile T-Mobile NCLI
Moldova Proper NCLI
Nepal Mobile Spice NCLI
Nigeria mobile Globacom NCLI
Philippines Mobile Globe NCLI
Philippines Mobile Smart NCLI
Philippines Proper NCLI
Romania Mobile Cosmote NCLI
Sudan Mobile MTN NCLI
Sudan mobile Zain NCLI
Tanzania Mobile Celtza NCLI
Turkey Proper NCLI

For the above routes, we need minimum ASR 35% and ACD 4 min (Should be Active Status) PDD 2-4 is acceptable.

Evan Morrison

Everest International Trading Co, Inc.

E-mail : evan.morrison@everestintl-inc.com

Skype: evan.morrison03