kind help with my setup-150 Extensions

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Re: kind help with my setup-150 Extensions

Posted:Tue 31 of Dec, 2013 (10:30 UTC)
1. you need a branded server to install asterisk below is the spec
dual core intel xeon 2.5Ghtz 4gb Ram 250gb hd
2. to connect pri line you need a digium Single span card model no :TE133p
note; if you want to integrate your siemens pbx to asterisk use 2port digium card model: TE235
3. to connect Analog line you need digium analog card : model no :1A8B02F
4. to connect 90 analog extension i recomend Grandstream FXS gateway 48 port 2 nos ie: GXW 4148

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kind help with my setup-150 Extensions

Posted:Mon 23 of Dec, 2013 (20:05 UTC)
thank you for helping me out.

Our Organization has 90 Intercom Extensions, We currently use siemens PBX ( Old )

planning to upgrade to Asterisk based system so that i could start using Voip Intercom ( Extension in mobile phones) & IP Phones as well

so kindly guide with my setup requirements.

-1 PRI & 6 Analog connections from my service provider
-90 Analog intercom Extensions + 20 IP Extensions

so kindly help me with the Products i should buy to set up my system.

your help would make a great difference, Thank You