Sell ​​voice traffic on international premium rate numbers.

Joined: Sun 29 of Dec, 2013

Sell ​​voice traffic on international premium rate numbers.

Posted:Sun 29 of Dec, 2013 (18:54 UTC)
Hello We are from Ukraine. We can make traffic to your international premium rate numbers . We need direction , which will be available for calls from Ukraine (code 380 ) . If you provide us with the relevant conditions we can make traffic from 2100 minutes per week. In providing the necessary conditions , we can increase the amount of traffic MANY times .

      • OUR TERMS:***

a) Testing of many hundreds of numbers is not suitable. Help me choose a directions for Ukraine. If someone has already worked .
b) Your room should be available for calls around the clock ( 24 hours). At least , from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am UTC +2:00
c) Calls should not be disabled. The minimum duration of a call should be 5 - 6 hours, and the maximum can be up to 24 hours (or longer).
g ) We need the numbers that can handle multiple calls simultaneously.


We are waiting for you partners! ;)