Everest has the huge traffic for your routes..plz check

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Everest has the huge traffic for your routes..plz check

Posted:Sat 04 of Jan, 2014 (05:49 UTC)
Please accept our greetings from Everest International Trading Co, Inc. We are looking for stable Non Cli and Cli routes for our A-Z live traffic. Below are our hot target destinations, so if you are a provider you can contact me with your Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements.


Albania Mobile Eagle 35567 25% 2mins Standard 5K
Algeria Fixed All 213 30% 4mins Standard 70K
Bahamas Mobile 1242359 50% 3mins Standard 20K
Cambodia All 855 50% 5mins CLI 80K
Cambodia Mobile All (Except Metfone) 85512 40% 4mins Standard 10K
Cambodia Mobile Metfone 85588 40% 4mins Standard 30K
Cape Verde Mobile 23898 30% 2-2.5mins Standard 8K
Cuba All 53 20% 4mins Premium 20K
Egypt Mobile Mobinil 2012 20% 3mins Standard 30K
India All 91 30% 5mins Standard 300K
Indonesia Mobile Telkomsel 62812 30% 4mins Standard 20K
Iraq Mobile Asia Cell 96477 30% 1.5mins Standard 120K
Iraq Mobile Korek 96475 35% 1.5mins Standard 20K
Iraq Mobile Zain 96478 30% 1.5mins Standard 80K
Jordan Mobile Fastlink 96279 30% 3-4mins Standard 10K
Mali Mobile Orange 2237 40% 3mins CLI 2K
Myanmar All TDM 95 30% 4mins Premium 80K
Nepal Mobile NT 977984 20% 3-4mins Standard 50K
Panama Mobile C-W 50767 30% 3-4mins Standard 5K
Panama Mobile Telefonica 50764 30% 3-4mins Standard 5K
Qatar Mobile All 974 30% 3mins Standard 5K
Romania Mobile Orange 4075 35% 5mins Standard 40K
Romania Mobile Vodafone 4072 35% 5mins Standard 15K
Sierra Leone Mobile All 23276 40% 1.5-2mins Standard 5K
Sri Lanka Mobile Airtel 9475 30% 3mins Standard 20K
Sri Lanka Mobile Celtel 9472 30% 2mins Standard 30K
Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog 9477 30% 1.5-3mins Standard 20K
Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel 9471 30% 2mins Standard 20K
Sudan Mobile MTN 24992 25% 2mins Standard 30K
Sudan Mobile Sudatel 24912 25% 3mins Standard 8K
Sudan Mobile Zain 24991 25% 2mins Standard 80K
Tanzania Mobile All 25568 30% 3mins Standard 5K
USA 48 States Onnet 1 50% 7mins CLI 300K
Vietnam All 84 50% 8mins CLI 80K
Vietnam All 84 35% 6mins Standard 100K
Zimbabwe Mobile Econet 26377 30% 1.5mins Standard 30K

For the above routes, we need minimum ASR 35% and ACD 4 min (Should be Active Status) PDD 2-4 is acceptable.

Evan Morrison

Everest International Trading Co, Inc.

E-mail : evan.morrison@everestintl-inc.com

Skype: evan.morrison03