Call Center Solution Suites Dailer IVRs ACD ERP SMS MIS Blaster OBD

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Call Center Solution Suites Dailer IVRs ACD ERP SMS MIS Blaster OBD

Posted:Mon 10 of Feb, 2014 (08:04 UTC)
We are a leading provider of IP Contact Center and Enterprise Communication Applications, build innovative and powerful software technology to offer enhanced customer experience and higher operational efficiency and control to the enterprises keeping the total cost of ownership of technology minimal. You can find here all kind of application which can maximize your business
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Special Product and Services for Election Campaign
 Call Blaster
 SMS Blaster
 Speech analytics-Live Speech
SMS Application- Pull & Push
SMS Applications: Bulk push (GSM Modem, Web API), pull SMS. Loyalty Programs on SMS
 Existing Application integration with SMS
 Custom SMS Application with Reports management
 SMS & Voice Blasting
ERP Application-ERP is business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business
IVRs- 9 x 9 menu levels with DID management, DTMF detection, voicemail, API integration. Queue management, music on hold, queue jumping/transferring.
New Virtual IVRs/Cloud Receptions- Available Only in Delhi NCR & Patna

OBD IVRs (Blaster): Lead management, voice prompting, optional IVR, call forwarding, call scheduling
IP-PBX application with conference bridge, meeting rooms, call transfer (attended or blind), call conference (3 party), call parking, wake-up call, TFT and DHCP configuration, operator soft-phone with 20 lines, phone book, DND, call forwarding, etc.
Call Center Solution Suites
 Predictive/ Progressive/ Preview and Manual DIALER-Inbound, Outbound & Blended (for both Domestic and International)
 DNC Scrubber
 Voice Logger
 ACD and IVR System
 MIS/Report Management
 CRM/WEB/SMS/CHAT/email/Database Integration Solutions
Application Development/ E-commerce Solutions/Enterprise solutions/Consulting Services on Asterisk
Key features include
  Nationwide availability of Galaxy +
  Peering with major India's IP Contact Center and Enterprise Communication Software Technology providers
  24 hour network operations support
  99.9% availability service levels
  Charges include provision and installation of telecommunications service

If you have any questions about any of the above technologies, please feel free to get in touch.
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