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First Post.....

Posted:Tue 11 of Feb, 2014 (13:32 UTC)
Hello to all on here. Am hoping that someone will be able to help me out as after a few weeks trawling around on the internet, my head is proper befuddled and am not sure which advice to follow.

The background is that I am using a Raspberry Pi which is running FreePBX (Asterisk). What I have achieved so far is to set this up so that I have 4 phones connected (#301 - 304) and these can merrily call each other inside the PBX. Other equipment is Cisco 2621 with 2 port FXO card which will have 2 x PSTN lines connected to it.

What I am wanting to achieve is the following

1 - Have the Cisco 2621 I have with 2 port FXO-EU card forward all incoming calls on port 1 to a ring group (#601) and the other port to another ring group (#602)
2 - Be able to make calls over the PSTN via FXO from any extension on the FreePBX set-up. Choice of outbound line is not that essential, any available line will suffice.

The Cisco is also acting as DHCP and am trying to get this as NTP for Asterisk too, but that is being troublesome too.

I feel like I have bitten off a bit too much here and am trying to run before I have even grown legs.

Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated