FreePBX Issues

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FreePBX Issues

Posted:Tue 25 of Feb, 2014 (20:16 UTC)
Have posted one thread on this already, but as I have mode some changes and some small progress, thought I would go for another one.

Have gone away from using the Cisco as an FXO gateway to our on site analogue exchange and am now using an SPA3000. This I have managed to successfully register with FreePBX, but have some issues again.

Can make a call into the FreePBX set up and extensions ring as expected, but I am unable to actually answer the call. Whne you pick up the handset, it looks like the phone drops the call and then it instantly starts to ring again. Am not sure whey this is doing this to me.

Another issue is that I am unable to make any calls out on the SPA3000. I think this may be down to dial plans but as I know nothing about them, am not sure how to resolve the situation.

The FXO port is connected to an internal exchange line (6950) and what I am wanting to achieve is

1 - All three digit calls remain within the FreePBX environment
2 - All four digit calls are routed via the PSTN/FXO to our on site excahnge
3 - We can still utilise the facility to dial a zero before a call that will allow us to make national calls
4 - We can still dial into inter-company exchanges (format is 9123 456789)

What is the syntax / format to achieve these dial plans and in which area do I put them? (Outbound / trunk / SPA3000???)

Any help and pointers is greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance