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Re: Bulk Volume Traffic Is Available Here . Click To Check.

Posted:Mon 03 of Mar, 2014 (03:23 UTC)
best offering vos3000 and goip gateway !! .
For Wholesale :
332$=Goip4-Channel VoIP GSM Gateway
620$=Goip8-Channel Voip GSM Gateway
1060$=Goip16-Channel Voip GSM Gateway
1790$=Goip32-Channel Voip GSM Gateway
630$=SMB32-channel Remote SIM Card Controller

For FXS(ATA) :
28$=HT-912T;1-FXS VoIP Gateway (ATA)
31$=HT-922T;2-FXS VoIP Gateway (ATA)
66$=HT-842R;4-FXS VoIP Gateway (ATA)
129$=HT-822;8-FXS VoIP Gateway (ATA)

For softswitch+server
150$=2000cc softswitch + 24*7supporting
Softswitch: Vos3000 version
Concurrent calls limited: 2000 port
Modules: Billing/Monitoring/CDR/ACD/ASR
Server configuration: IBM/HP Xeon3.2G cpu*2,72G SCSI hardisk*2 raid1, 2G memory
Bandwidth: HK Wharf T&T 100M International Bandwidth
Supporting: we support the training about Vos using

Other choose:
Only Server :150$ monthly
Server + relay + remove =100 $ monthly !!! (20$ for each IP )
For IP phone:
45$=EP-636=1-Line IP Phone
52$=EP-8201=1-Line IP Phone

Best Regard
Sandy (sales account manager)
Hong kong Pingmar Technology Co,Ltd.
T:+ 86 15622263370 Email :sales33@pingmar.com (Skype: Sandyli63)
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Bulk Volume Traffic Is Available Here . Click To Check.

Posted:Sun 02 of Mar, 2014 (19:16 UTC)
Everest International Trading Company Inc. CA. 90304, USA

Hello Everyone,
Everest International Trading Co. Inc. is a fast developing prominent VoIP service provider located in USA. We are dedicated to provide full service communication technology and providing the highest level of communication services and connecting you with people all over the world. We deal with A-Z termination and origination. We are mainly concentrating on wholesale/direct terminations. We have the potential to carry a business deal toward prolong partnership. Your positive gesture instigates us to provide you with every aspect of service & security to create a viable atmosphere as our benevolent team works with total integrity to gain adequate results in respect of mutual benefits. Please let us know should you have VOIP direct quality routes as we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.
Algeria Mobile Orascom & Wataniya >> 80-100k
Albania mobile all >> 50k
Azerbaijan Mobile >> 30k
BANGLADESH mobile all >> 650k
BANGLADESH mobile all CLI>>300K
Belarus all codes >> 40-50k
Burundi mob all>>30k
Cameroon Mobile >> 10-20k
Chad Mob all>>20k
Cuba all >> 40-50k
Dr of Congo /Brazaville>>code 243/242>>40k
Ecuador Mobile All >> 70k+
Ethiopia Mobile all >> 60-90k
Fiji all>>10k
Gabon all >> 60-70k
Gambia All >> 300k CLI
Ghana all >> 80-100k
Guatemala comcel >> 100k
Haiti all >> 80k+
Honduras all >> 40-50k
INDIA ALL 91>>300k
Indonesia mobile all >> 100k
Iran Mobile all >> 40-50k
Iran Tehran >> 50k
Ivory Coast mobile orange >> 20-30k
Italy mobile All >> 10-20k
Jordan Mobile Fast link >> 20-30k
Jamaica Mobile all >> 60-65k’
Kenya Safaricom>>10k
Libya mobile all >> 40-50k
Mauritania all >>20k
Morocco mobile- >> 15k
Moldova mob all>>20k
MYANMAR all -TDM >> 100k
Niger Mobile >> 20-30k
Nepal all >> 20-30k
Oman mobile >> 20-30k
PHILIPPINES mob all >> 70-100k
Qatar Mobile all >> 20-30k
Russia mobile all>>20K
Sudan all >> 20-30k
Saudi cell >> 60k
Senegal Orange Mobile >> 10k
Tanzania all mob >> 40-50k
UK mobile all >> 100-200k
UAE All >> 30K
Vietnam all codes >> 50-60k
Waziristan mob >>5k
Xylofagou >>2k
Yemen mob>>20k
Zimbabwe Econet Mobile >>15k
For these need minimum ASR 35% and ACD 4 min (Should be Active Status) PDD 2-4 is acceptable.
Reply back with Rate, ASR, ACD, We do not provide any trade references
And only deal on Post pay billing term.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
-- Sincerely
Francis S. Xavier
Mail & MSN- Xavier@everestintl-inc.com
Skype: francis.xavier10302
Everest International Trading Co, Inc