ATA with callerID detection

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Re: ATA with callerID detection

Posted:Fri 18 of Jul, 2014 (10:22 UTC)
What you need is any ordinary 2-port ATA. You program the first DID's credentials into Port 1 of your ATA and the second DID's credentials into Port 2. Linksys, Grandstream, Snom and many others make devices that should suit you well. Just look for an ATA that has two FXS ports.
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ATA with callerID detection

Posted:Thu 06 of Mar, 2014 (13:11 UTC)
I am looking for an ATA that can detect the DID called and route it to either port1 or port2. I have played with several and have not found one that does that. The closest I have found is Obihai, but not exactly what I need. My provider gives me two DID's and would like port one to ring DID1 and port2 to ring DID2.

Any recommendations?