Let's start a great future today! Speedflow's Channel Partner Programme

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Let's start a great future today! Speedflow's Channel Partner Programme

Posted:Wed 26 of Mar, 2014 (09:11 UTC)
For a business to thrive it requires reliable and trustful partners; Speedflow is one of these and is seeking more. If you are looking to generate new and continuous revenue streams for your business, then the Speedflow Channel Partner Programme may be a fantastic opportunity.

The programme promises numerous benefits:

Control - Be it a one-off deal or a longer-term partnership, Speedflow offers a transparent commission structure and generous benefits for its participants. Our programme responds to your spirit of entrepreneurship and various levels of your involvement. The more sales you create, the higher the commission fee that you receive. The only limit is your imagination!
Support - Our dedicated sales support team provides individual training, webinars and remote assistance. Moreover, you are provided with marketing and advertising support which makes the programme more favourable. Everything you need to make the partnership a success!
Become a Speedflow Channel Partner and you will receive top-quality and well-known products (including the new Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches) for distribution worldwide, especially in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Speedflow looks forwards to co-operating with your business in the future to create mutual success.

For more detailed information on the benefits the Programme can bring to you or to directly apply for partnership, get in touch via info@speedflow.com.