Speedflow's new standalone solution - Linux-based IP PBX.

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Speedflow's new standalone solution - Linux-based IP PBX.

Posted:Tue 01 of Apr, 2014 (10:42 UTC)
The Speedflow development team has been hard at work producing the new robust and powerful Callmax IP PBX solution.

The Linux based PBX is packed with useful features and has a user-friendly web Interface. The Callmax PBX includes all the following standard features and services:

∙ Extended Hosted / Virtual PBX
∙ DNS name support per Customer/PBX
. User Friendly Web Interface
∙ Group calls management
∙ Voicemail to email
∙ Extended calls forwarding options
∙ IVR and DID support
∙ Conference rooms
∙ End-user Web Portal
∙ Integratable with various payment processing systems.

Speedflow likes to cater to its customers' needs so CallMax PBX is available for rent, in addition to purchase.

For more information, feel free to contact us via e-mail software_sales@speedflow.com