Asterisk + DLINK DVG 6008S = No Caller ID

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Asterisk + DLINK DVG 6008S = No Caller ID

Posted:Thu 03 of Apr, 2014 (20:40 UTC)
Hi everyone,

I have set up a FreePBX distro with a DLINK DVG-6008S linked to 4 extensions in a standard analog PBX system. In theory, I should get a call on an extension, lets say 2940 and port 701 from the DVG (port 1) would get that call, translate it into digital and forward the call to extension 4000 in my Asterisk / FreePBX system. This works fine, BUT I get 701 as the callerID every time. I have tried several tutorials and updated firmware for the DVG and people have told me this device does not relay CallerID.

Can anyone tell me how to configure or what to do to get CallerID over to the Asterisk box? I have tested the extensions from the analog PBX and I do get a caller ID on the analog phone display, but once it goes through the DVG, nothing comes out the other side.

Please let me know what other details you might need to know to help me out.

Asterisk version

I intend on upgrading to the latest version but that should not influence this problem, right?

Thanks anyone for any help. I appreciate any reply.