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Urgently need_Morocco IAM_Albania AMC_Iran_Turkey_Monaco_Algeria_Belarus_Ecuador_Haiti_Tunisia_Libya_Gambia

Posted:Thu 24 of Apr, 2014 (06:36 UTC)
Hello Valued Providers,

Chase Empire LLC is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors. We are based in New York, with a significant presence in North America and Europe Countries. We deal with Wholesale Volume of Traffic for A to Z destinations.

Following destinations have live and bulk volume of traffic:

Israel – 20k………. India —200k--------- Kenya —30k-------- UK – 200k
Tunisia - 50k--------Indonesia – 76k--------- Nepal – 20k -------Togo – 28k Cameroon – 40k ------ Mexico –20k---------- South Africa – 50k---------Mali – 50k
Pakistan -50k-------- Nigeria– 60k------------ Japan – 15k---------Uganda – 20k
Brazil - 10k---------Somalia – 70k-------- Oman – 40k------------Australia – 10k
Bulgaria -30k----------Syria – 50k------------- Georgia—60k------------ BD —100K
Chile -10k------- Afghanistan –60k-------- El Salvador –60k----------Peru —60k
Congo – 40k---------Ethiopia – 40k------------Ivory cost--80k-------------Lebanon -50k
Ecuador – 50k---------Colombia –100k----------Romania – 40k-------------France —40k
Italy – 10k----------Dominican Rep50k------Iran Tehran – 50k----------Germany—60k
New Zealand–70k------Guatemala– 80k----------- Nicaragua—80k--------Dubai —90k
Philippines –200k--------Jamaica – 100k------------ Yemen—30k---------- Honduras--60k
Cuba all – 10k----------Belarus – 10k-------------- Myanmar – 30k-------- Taiwan—40k
Algeria 100k-------------Haiti all -100k-------------- Azerbaijan—60k-------- Kuwait—50k
Morocco-50k------------- Sudan –70k----------------- Spain all– 30k-----------Russia –34k
Zimbabwe-50k ----------- Poland – 60k--------------- Vietnam – 100k--------- Gambia- 90k
Senegal Orange- 65k----- Libya - 70k

If you have any one of them with stable and good quality, you can contact.
We are looking forward to hearing you.
Early response will be highly appreciated. For instant contact please add me on live Skype.

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