We need direct routes to our new live traffic...

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We need direct routes to our new live traffic...

Posted:Tue 13 of May, 2014 (08:17 UTC)
UK VOICE CALL LTD is a fast developing prominent VoIP service solution provider located in UK. We are looking for stable Non Cli and Cli routes for our A-Z live traffic. Below are our hot target destinations, so if you are a provider you can contact me with your Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements.


Albania Mobile Amc 35568 Standard 20K
Albania Mobile Vodafone 35569 Standard 20K
Bangladesh Mobile 8801 Standard 100K
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fixed Mostar 3873665 CLI 10K
Burkina Faso Mobile Airtel 22675 Standard 5K
Burkina Faso Mobile Telmob 22670 Standard 5K
Cambodia Fixed 855 Standard 10K
Cambodia Fixed Phnom Phen 85523 Standard 10K
Cambodia Mobile 85566 Standard 30K
Colombia Fixed Bogota 5712 Standard 35K
Colombia Fixed Cartagena 57569 Standard 15K
Congo Brazzaville Mobile Celtel&Mtn 24205 Standard 10K
Cuba All 53 Premium 20K
Egypt Mobile Etisalat 2011 Standard 10K
Eritrea All 291 Standard 10K
Eritrea All 291 CLI 10K
Ethiopia Mobile Addis Ababa 251911 Standard 60K
Iran Mobile 989 Standard 10K
Iraq Mobile Asia Cell 96477 Standard 15K
Iraq Mobile Korek 96475 Standard 10K
Lebanon Mobile 96171 Standard 28K
Lebanon Mobile 96171 CLI 10K
Malaysia Mob All 60 CLI 70K
Moldova Mobile Voxtel 37360 Standard 10K
Morocco Mobile IAM 212661 Standard 20K
Nepal Mobile Spice 977980 CLI 60K
Niger Mobile Airtel 22797 Standard 10K
Niger Mobile Orange 22791 Standard 10K
Pakistan Fixed 92 Standard 20K
Senegal Mobile Orange 22177

Afghanistan Mobile Awcc 9370 Standard 40K
Afghanistan Mobile Roshan 9379 Standard 10K
Albania Mobile Amc 35568 Standard 50K
Argentina Mobile 549 Standard 10K
Australia Mobile All 614 Standard 45K
Azerbaijan Mobile Azercell 99450 Standard 10K
Bahamas Mobile 1242535 Standard 30K
Congo Brazzaville Celtel/MTN/Warid 242 Standard 10K
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 180956 Standard 30K
Egypt Mobile Etisalat 2011 Standard 10K
Eritrea All 291 Standard 5K
Gambia Mobile All 2206 Standard 100K
Guinea Republic Mobile All 224 Standard 20K
Haiti Mobile Comcel 50944 Standard 10K
Haiti Mobile Digicel 50937 Standard 40K
Iraq Mobile Asia Cell 96477 Standard 30K
Ivory Coast Mobile MTN 22505 Standard 5K
Jamaica Mobile Digicel 187638 Standard 15K
Kuwait Mobile Wataniya/Viva 9656 Standard 60K
Malaysia Mob All 60 CLI 400K
Morocco Mobile Iam 212661 Standard 30K
Sierra Leone Mobile All 23255 Standard 2K
Sri Lanka Mobile Airtel 9475 Standard 20K
Sri Lanka Mobile Celtel 9472 Standard 40K
Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel 9471 Standard 20K
Sudan Mobile MTN 24992 Standard 10K
Taiwan Mobile CHT 886911 Standard 5K
Taiwan Mobile FET 886913 Standard 5K
Taiwan Mobile TCC 886918 Standard 5K
Tanzania Mobile Celtel 25578 Standard 5K
Turkmenistan All 993 Standard 10K
Ukraine Mobile Kyivstar 38067 Standard 8K
United Kingdom Fixed Wide Numbers 443 Standard 200K

For the above routes, we need minimum ASR 35% and ACD 4 min (Should be Active Status) PDD 2-4 is acceptable.

Best Regard
Barry Stout
Eamil: sales4@uk-voicecall.com
Skype- barry_UKvoicecall
Web: www.uk-voicecall.com