Web Conference in Elastix

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Web Conference in Elastix

Posted:Sun 18 of May, 2014 (06:18 UTC)
We want to create a Web Conference with Elastix.

What we have done so far:
1. We have installed Elastix 2.4 on a virtual machine in VirtualBox program
2. We have installed Web Conference - 2.2.0-5 Addon on the server
3. We have created a domain named test.com
4. We have created a few accounts in test.com domain. for example bahman@test.com
5. We have enabled video support and we have checked all codecs in Asterisk Sip Settings and Asterisk IAX Settings in freePBX Section
6. We have created a Conference in the WebConf tab

We are able to create invitations and the emails are successfully generated and sent to the participants. Despite the link providing the URL we can replace the FQDN with the local IP of the Elastix box and login OK. Documents presentation works OK but there is no Video or Audio via webcam from patricipants. do we need to do any more things?

i am sorry for my English!
Your help would be greatly appreciated.