skyvia push route of this week

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skyvia push route of this week

Posted:Mon 19 of May, 2014 (01:57 UTC)
skyvia is a global service provider for telecommunication. In today's dynamic and changing world, Skyvia devotes itself to become a leading global provider of alternative,low cost and comprehensive communications in international voice services.Since the founding of Skyvia, we have been offering high-quality routes and advanced technologies to ensure the best service to customers from worldwide. The mission of Skyvia is To be the most reliable telecommunications company in the world. Now we operate a global network that connects some 350 telecommunications operators in 56 countries and regions.By the quality assurance of routing technology and management techniques, Skyvia is able to select the best available route for each call.

※※※ Skyvia pushing route of this week ※※※
GUYANA---------------------------- 0.1222-----38%-----4.3min
ROMANIA MOBILE ORANGE ------------ 0.0086-----34%-----4.5min
CAMBODIA MOBILE CELLCARD----------0.0278-----40%-----5min
CAMBODIA MOBILE SMART ------------0.0278-----40%-----5min
SPAIN MOBILE AMENA----------------0.0133------30%----4.3min
UZBEKISTAN MOBILE-----------------0.0165-----32%-----5min

Tel: 86 411 84613316
MSN/IM: sue@skyviatelcom.com