Cisco 7961 and Asterisk configs

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Cisco 7961 and Asterisk configs

Posted:Sun 08 of Jun, 2014 (12:29 UTC)
Hello all!

I have been searching the web for weeks, to get some sort of funktional combination with a 7961G (SIP) and Asterisk that plays nice.
SO far without any success.
The phone has FW SIP41.9.3.1SR4.1S loaded, and that seems to work ok. It reads the files in the tftp directory, and if i make changes in the SEP<mac>.cng.xml file it is registered on the phone
I have asterisk 1.8.13 running on a Raspberry Pi. and i am not sure it works as expected.

I got ten (10) 7961 as a gift, and i want to set them up for internal use with one or two outgoing "landlines".

Does anybody have all conf files that is needed to get the combination up and running???