The perfect IP PBX for only $7000

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The perfect IP PBX for only $7000

Posted:Wed 11 of Jun, 2014 (06:36 UTC)
The perfect IP PBX for only $7000

Speedflow's Callmax IP PBX is essential for businesses seeking to streamline their services. It provides a high-quality engine to end-users with an unlimited number of PBX accounts and extensions. Along with a user-friendly web interface, the IP PBX solution is also integratable with various payment processing systems.

The following features are also supported:

· Extended Hosted / Virtual PBX

· DNS name support per Customer/PBX

· Group calls management

· Voicemail to email service

· Extended calls forwarding options

· IVR and DID support

Purchase or rent today and find out why the IP PBX is the ideal solution.

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