High-quality Call Shop Solution for only 4000$

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High-quality Call Shop Solution for only 4000$

Posted:Fri 13 of Jun, 2014 (08:58 UTC)
If your business requires a user-friendly Call Shop platform with integrated billing, then the Call Shop module from Speedflow is your answer.

Whether it's calls on a prepaid, postpaid or pay at the desk basis, Speedflow's all-in-one Call Shop module is compatible. Call Shop also supports calls both from hardware IP phones and PC softphones, and allows the creation of multiple Call Shops with numerous cabins managed from a single Call shop account.

The Call Shop module can revolutionize your operations as part of the Speedflow CallMax package or as a standalone solution.

Find out more about Speedflow's Call Shop by contacting us via e-mail software_sales@speedflow.com