Dinstar VoIP GSM Gateway, SIMBank and SIMCloud

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Dinstar VoIP GSM Gateway, SIMBank and SIMCloud

Posted:Thu 03 of Jul, 2014 (08:00 UTC)
Dinstar Anti-block solution for Call Termination/Origination
Based on Dinstar VoIP GSM gateways, SIMBank and SIMCloud system
Widely deployed in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Cameroon, Russia etc.

The features
 Lengthen your SIMs' life expectancy
 Auto IMEI change
 BCCH/ BTS lock
 Remote and centralized SIMs management
 Human behavior for anti-block
 SIM Roaming
 Auto call/SMS generation
 Auto Recharge and balance check
 Auto detect abnormal SIMs to increase the ASR/ACD
 Bandwidth Optimizer and Encyption

More details, pls contact
Skype: roy8668
E-mail: roy@dinstar.com
Tel: +86 755 2645 6664-812
Mobile: +86 186 8149 7299

VoIP GSM Gateway, SIM Bank, SIM Cloud
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