Hot offer!!!!! Top Quality Routes Available!!!!! AvatiaTelecome

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Hot offer!!!!! Top Quality Routes Available!!!!! AvatiaTelecome

Posted:Tue 08 of Jul, 2014 (08:50 UTC)
Dear all
Avatia Ltd provides best quality routes and low price for some major destination such as,
• Bangladesh CLI, Non CLI
• Pakistan Non CLI
• India CLI, Non CLI
• Malaysia
• Singapore

Our route quality is very stable. So hurry and get this wonderful offer with unlimited capacity. We believe, Avatia will meet your expectations so without wasting your valued time contact us for a long term Business Relationship.

For your satisfaction we provide facilities such as:

• FREE Trial before you buy
• CDR Panel
• Bank accounts in UAE, Bangladesh & Singapore
• Continue 24/7 Technical Support over Phone , Email and MSN/Skype

Our current Rate in USD for only ip to ip

Destination ------------Rate-------Acd -------Asr

Bd igw-----------------0.0242-------7.5+----------50%

Bd btcl-----------------0.0230-------7.0+----------40%

Bd non cli-------------0.0152--------7.0+----------35%

India premium--------0.0135-------8.0+----------55%

India cli----------------0.0098-------7.0+---------50%

Pakistan cli------------0.0950-------7.0+---------50%

Pakistan non cli-------0.0130-------6.0+----------30%



For more information, feel free to contact at:
Phone: +8801766678137