Noobie Click to Call

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Noobie Click to Call

Posted:Tue 08 of Jul, 2014 (14:04 UTC)
I am looking to implement a button on our website that will capture a users phone number and then tell our Asterix based phone system to call that number from a phone that exists within a group in our offices. i have seen a number of click to call programs but the all seem to charge. I was thinking i could do the following:

i can create the web side that gets the phone number and creates a file with the number on
Could i use the Call File method to move this file wiht the number in to the location where call files are stored - read this piece but no idea how to get to the call file folder location /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ (from the page Asterix Call Files)
can i make the call ring as soon as the file lands in the above location and can i make it ring from a specified phone?

noobie so go gently please :)