Use SIP client to initiate a callback

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Use SIP client to initiate a callback

Posted:Tue 08 of Jul, 2014 (18:14 UTC)
I am currently in the Dominican Republic with a local SIM card in my mobile, and my FreePBX box running back home in the UK.

I already have my old UK phone number diverted to my FreePBX box and transferring to my Dominican number for incomming calls, but I'm trying to work out a system for outgoing calls. My VOIP provider (like many others), does not have a Dominican PSTN number that I can assign to me account.

Mobile internet has pretty good coverage, but poor speed, reliability and latency here, so conducting a call over SIP/VOIP is not an option.

I've looked at an Android app called AnAMI which allows me to originate calls from the Aterisk box to my local number and then call my desired destination, This leaves me with a call over the GSM network which is stable and works well. However this Android app, whilst powerful, is clunky and inefficient to use.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to set up a feature code and call this from a sip client on my phone, and, in the same process, use the SIP client to forward my desired destination to the Asterisk box. The asterisk box would receive this instruction, hang-up and then call me back by making a VOIP call to the local GSM network and connect me with the destination I wanted to speak to.

For example, would it be possible for me to call 02070000000, by dialling the following on a SIP based Android client:
  • 55#02070000000

This feature can have my Dominican GSM mobile number hard coded, since it will be just one SIP extension (mine) which is making the calls to the *55 feature code.

I hope this makes sense! :)