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@~@~@>Do you have Direct Routes???Please Click Here@~@~@

Posted:Sat 26 of Jul, 2014 (14:48 UTC)
Hello Valued Providers,

UK VOICE CALL LTD is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors. We deal with Wholesale Volume of Traffic for A to Z destinations.

Following destinations have live and bulk volume of traffic:

Mexico - Mobile -----------40k perday
South Korea - Mobile---40k perday
Sudan - Mobile------25 to 30 k perday
Taiwan - Mobile----20k perday
UK - Mobile------40k perday
Cameroon - Mobile----20 to 30k perday
Colombia - Medellin--30k perday
Egypt - Mobile---20k perday
El Salvador - Mobile Telemovil-40k perday
Guatemala - Mobile Comcel--30k perday
Vietnam - all---30 to 40 k perday
Thailand - all---40k perday
Poland - Mobile Orange--20k perday
Philippines - Mobile---20 ot 40k perday
Paraguay - Mobile---20k perday
Afghanistan Mobile-----20 to 30k perday

If you have any one of them with stable and good quality, you can contact.
We are looking forward to hearing you.
Early response will be highly appreciated. For instant contact please add me on Sky Pe .

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