Migration sangoma PRI card to ALLO PRI card (2nd Gen)

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Migration sangoma PRI card to ALLO PRI card (2nd Gen)

Posted:Sat 09 of Aug, 2014 (10:49 UTC)
We have been implementing many call center based on Asterisk & freeswitch , handling traffic of more than few
hundred thousand calls per day.

We were using Digium & Sangoma cards in our call center in installation & everything was going fine.
Only problem we faced when the hardware got defected & there was a delay in RMA & it took 24 hours to install new card and it hamper the call center operation of the client

We got to know abot Allo's 2nd Generation PRI card with echo cancellation.

Though we had not used any Allo product before, hence we were unsure
of using them. But what made us select Allo for migration was that,
Allo provides 5 years of warranty on their products & ontime technical support form ALLO team and ofcourse its 40% cost effective compare to Digium & Sangoma!

Hence Allo card was selected.

We have started to use the card on the production and results have
been good. In eight hours in a day it is handling around 50,000 calls,
without any issues. There are no issues in voice quality.

Allo PRI Card: 2aCP4eL (2nd Gen)
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
OS CentOS 6.5
10AM 6 PM 60000 Per day
Libpri: 1.4.14
Asterisk: 1.8
Dahdi - 2.9.1